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No blocks displayed after upgrade from 1.104 to 1.105

Started by Glenn, January 18, 2012, 03:49:34 PM

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Link to my
SMF version: SMF ver. 2.02
TP version: TP ver. 1.105
Default Forum Language: English
Theme name and version: Simply Blue
Browser Name and Version: IE8, Chrome
Mods installed: Stop Spammer, HttpBL, TP1.104, TP1.105 SMF 2.01& 2.02 updates
Related Error messages: none


After upgrading from TP1.104 - 1.105 both left and right panels and all their blocks are no longer displayed, I have tried re-saving them as suggested in another post, but still see nothing, any ideas?



Hi Lesmond,

Thanks for the link, it sorted my problem, I turned off the "Use language visibility option for blocks?" option in settings.