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December 06, 2023, 07:07:07 AM

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Started by car, September 12, 2006, 07:29:51 AM

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Set your settings.php, settings_bak.php and index.php files to 644


I set those 3 back to 644 G6.  Still:

550 /bandsite: No such file or directory

I can't believe this.  I just built this site, and it disappeared.  1st it wouldn't come up in browser, then domains, just vanished from the server "Direct Admin"  any ideas why?

I am Here I am again  ::)

Thanks for paying attention G6


Cant say what issues you have, but they end up in hosts configs most of the times so i think this time is no diffrent, you have to contact your host and ask them why you keep on having these issues all the time.


Unfortunately.  I am my host, kind of.  I share a Direct admin server with a friend.  He isn't much more well versed than me.   I do his installs, and upgrades in lieu of payment for my hosting.

I just don't know where to turn.  I guess I will try the DA forum

So I guess I have to manually install again :(


Always when there are issues with permissions that cant be changed on the server a manuall install is what you need to do.


I'll take a look if you'd like Hygron.


I missed you Ichbin.  I did a manual, and went thru all the wierdness.  I got the site back up and running this afternoon after about 14 hours of installing, chmod'ding, making banners.  My other art was gone after Trojan attack couple weeks ago.  so from scratch i got us up again, and a banner-link on the index.html.

I tell you what. If you want to inspect the back end.   I am all for that
I had to do a couple temp folder workarounds.  I had a couple issues I worked out with help from a couple guys @ SMF. 

I appreciate you all being on the ball.  Even over at SMF, support has gotten steadily better.  I actually had several replies in working a problem with themes template.  It is good to see that the SMF staff has started to elevate to the level of support you folks here have strived to obtain.

thanks again

Peace, God Bless.

Ichbin.  I will catch you later, if you don't mind running an inspection on this site.  This one is more important to me, For my Band.  I don't want to let the guys down.  Not to mention...I would like to pick your brain as to how or why a forum, can disappear from a server, without affecting the other domains

Keep up the great work

you can view my work so far...,.or; Blocs, SMF's Crip, and all the staff & writers, here and there, & then my little part.  :D

@ click on logo. Nothing but frame until I add all the bells and whistles I had installed before the "Phantom Crash"