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"recent topics" in SMF style

Started by Lesmond, August 17, 2005, 12:01:38 PM

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Ok, thanks for clarifying that :)

It works.. however the website does not notice it as a block..
As in the previous screenshot, you see the other blocks behind these two.

I'm not sure what you mean with:
Quote<div style="position: relative; height: 500px; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">';
I don't know where to implement this :)


Ok, well I understand it now. I placed the width inside the div bar.
Result is (first attachement) that it works. However of course I want to remove the frame from the block, as this script already has got its frame. But after removing the frame, I get the following ( attachement 2 )


Tpo remove the frame, go to the block option and select "don't show frame/title".


That's what I am doing :P
When I remove the frame+title, I get the result in the second attachement.


So uhmm yea.. I don't know what to  do now. :o


I've looked at your site in IE8, FF 3.0.10, and Chrome beta (41514).

It looks fine in all 3 browsers. What browser are you using, and does it happen with any other browsers you have?


Yes, you're right. It is working fine.
However I want to get rid of the double background/frame.
So therefore I select the box to not show frame+title.

After selecting that box, I get the result as u see in attachement 2 from my previous post. The 2 blocks from the code do strange.

I selected the do not show frame+title now, so you can see it :)


I see now. Looks like there is an extra <td> when you do that. Let me see if I can replicate the problem. Are you using the code that was last posted by Xarcell?


Yes, I am sure I am using his last posted code.