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March 28, 2023, 11:54:51 AM

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Tinyportal y post en Index

Started by Vice, June 22, 2009, 11:39:14 PM

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Herr Inoddorell

De nada, al fin me siento un poco util en este sitio. :2funny:

No te olvides de marcar este tema como Solucionado, poniendole el icono de Solved ;).




Pedimos que los derechos de autor tinyPortal se muestre en su sitio cuando se utiliza TP. Por favor, tenga a su webmaster que el TP coyright atrás pulg

Yo no sé qué versión de TinyPortal que usted está utilizando. Que hace que sea más difícil decidir si se trata de un error en TP 1.0 beta 4 o no.

Parece que si selecciona "Foro de los puestos y artículos - ordenados por fecha de" las páginas no se muestran. Dado que parece que no tienen artículos, hay que seleccionar para mostrar "Sólo foro-puestos" y esto permitirá a las páginas que se mostrarán.

Esto puede ser un error en la forma en la primera página se hace de modo que ponga esto en el bugtracker bloque y, a continuación, será consciente de ello y buscar en ella.


In English ...


We do require that the tinyPortal copyright be displayed on your site when you are using TP.  Please have your webmaster put the TP coyright back in.

I don't even know what version of TinyPortal you are using.  That makes it more difficult to decide if this is a bug in TP 1.0 beta 4 or not.

It seems that if you select "Forum-posts and articles - sorted on date" the pages aren't displayed.  Since it looks like you have no articles, you should select to show "Only forum-posts" and this will allow the pages to be displayed.

This may be a bug in the way the Front Page is rendered so I will put this in the bugtracker and then Bloc will be aware of it and look into it.


Herr Inoddorell

Don't worry ZarPrime he has just solved the OP issue ;).


Herr Inoddorell,

So, what selection finally worked for him, so that I can decide whether this is a bug or not?


Herr Inoddorell

It's not a bug, I hope, he just selected another option than the required one (not the "Forum-posts and articles - sorted on date" option). So I tell him to select that option, and that solved it.

So, apparently, no bugs here ;D.


Ah, OK, I appreciate your help on this then.  I would also appreciate it if you would encourage him to get that TP copyright back on his site if you could.

Thanks for your help,

Herr Inoddorell

Glad to help.

I'll try that out if I can, too :up:

Please, could someone mark this thread as solved?



Thanks, topic marked solved. :up:



ZarPrime if you could stick the code that I must put to place the copyright... The version is 0.98;)

Or would it be correct to put alone TinyPortal Ã,© with a link to the official web?

Sorry about my English



Si tiene problemas para entender lo que está escrito más adelante en Inglés hágamelo saber y voy a tratar de traducirlo al español para usted.

I will attempt to help you put the TP copyright back in but I need to know if it is removed from your SMF default core theme as well.  However, on your site, Guests are not allowed to view the site in the SMF default theme.  Could you temporarily allow Guests to switch to the default theme by doing this ...
Admin --> Configuration --> Themes and Layout Settings and put a check mark in the 2 boxes that say
"Allow members to select their own themes." and  "Allow members to select the "Default" theme."  That way I will be able to see if the TP copytight is missing from the SFM default theme.

After I have looked at the site in the default theme I will let you know and you can switch it back.  It is possible that something you added caused the TP copyright to be removed from all themes.

If you are using TP 0.98, then I will need to see the following file which you can attach to your next post ...

Just attach that file to your next post so that I can look at it, and if it needs to be edited, I will do the edit and return the file to you to upload.

If the TP copyright is missing from the SMF default theme when I look at it as well, I will need to see that file from the /Themes/default/ folder as well, but we will deal with that later.