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Choose which article shows

Started by sgilleland, April 28, 2008, 12:40:45 AM

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We have a site where different geographical locations can login to, I would like to have different frontpages for both regions.  My question is, is there a way that you can have them choose......Florida or Iowa and which ever they choose it opens the appropriate front page or even an article. 

The reason I would like to do this is because we will have events going on in both places and would like  people to b e able to see, which is which. 

One idea I had was to have a url for and, but I am not sure if this will work.  I would like the same forum database once they get past the first page....any ideas would be great.



Certainly. If you create a front page that links to different content based upon where they click to go. From there you have different content display. If they choose Florida they get information about Florida. if they choose Iowa, they get information about Iowa. Eventually, you are linking them to boards in your forum for each respective category.


Sorry, would it be possible to go into a little more detail on this....I am not quite following you.  I get what you are saying (I think) but more detail on how I would do it would help greatly.


Well, you could probably do this a thousand different ways so here's one idea. You have the frontpage, which is a landing page for ALL who come to your site. On this page, you have some content. Depending on where you want this content to go (for instance FL or IA), you can have some pictures or links on your frontpage that link to other articles. So you could have a separate article with custom content based upon whether they want to go to FL or IA. From there you can put whatever you would like to in the article for them. And even link them to the boards you have created for FL or IA. Thats the basics of it.



One last there a way that I could have it so that when someone clicks on Florida, they only get a forum database from Florida and the same for Iowa?  Then also, if they were to click on "ALL"  it would give them Florida and Iowa combined?



I'm not sure of a way that will only show the category. I do know that you can have a link to show the category at the top of your screen.

by adding a number to your url for the category.