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September 24, 2023, 01:01:06 AM

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$settings['use_tabs'] = false is Not taking an effect

Started by lebisol, October 16, 2007, 08:15:07 PM

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Anyone seen this before?
tabs are persitant even thought I have changed the settings:
/* Set a setting that tells the theme that it can render the tabs. */
$settings['use_tabs'] = false;

/* Use plain buttons - as oppossed to text buttons? */
$settings['use_buttons'] = true;

/* Show sticky and lock status seperate from topic icons? */
$settings['seperate_sticky_lock'] = true;

Is there anything else to look out for...working with 'default' theme.
Many thanks!


Perhaps I missunderstood this code snip...
I am looking to change 'tabs' right above forum. See image.
Or is this in Board.index.php?


Lebisol, please read the stickies in the board. This board is not for support. If you have a request for a block code snippet please post in the request board. Otherwise, please post support in the support boards.


My bad, I thought I was posting 'code related' question. :-X
You can actually delete this post as I have found the answer.


Your post is code related for sure. But what we are trying to do is only allow topics with actual code snippets in that board. Instead of having support questions. We don't mind if its support in the topic for the code snippet obviously. :) Thanks!


OK works for me, and anyone reading this setting refered for 'tabs' seen and realted to TP admin pages not the forum index iteself as seen in screenshot.


According to your SS its in the boardIndex template. I haven't looked, but maybe the $setting is set in the file as well.


Yap, I removed the tabs from TP template...forgot that forum has structure of its own.(Baordindex and MessageIndex)
Thanks for the follow up!