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Awesome Portal!

Started by IchBin, February 12, 2005, 03:00:20 AM

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I know you're just getting started, but this is exactly what I've been searching for! Currently my website is setup with phpbb and a portal called EZportal. I pretty much did what yours does, on the surface anyway. I'm looking to convert to SMF when I'm able to conquer the new system and transfer everything I need. I just found your portal yesterday and I have to say I love it! Just a couple of questions though.

Will I be able to add a php include to a block on the homepage? I have a couple that I've done with things like TeamSpeak and a Server Status script that you can see at on the left column. I really want to make sure I'll be able to put those in the new website with Tiny Portal if possible. If this is possible, what file do I need to look at to add it? I'll experiment with it myself and see what I can do. I'd eventually like to make my own theme or edit one to my liking. Is your template system going to be part of SMF? I guess to be more specific, is the front page called from the theme in the forum? or is it seperate?

Thanks again!!



Thanks for the kind words. :)

Currently blocks can only be html - from the admin section. But there are just 3-4 extra files to edit, so if you look at TPortalBlocks.template.php all the pre-set blocks are there. You could make your own in there and add the option of using it in TPortal.php (where blocks get fetched) and TPortalAdmin.php where its edited.

But I will make a php-type block. In there you should be able to include things you need.

The template system is the same that SMF uses. So the template for the frontpage is in TPortal.template.php, and for the blocks in said TPortalBlocks.template.php. All the tp-admin things are defined in TPortalAdmin.template.php. Aditionally a modules template is also present, that will get used for extra modules I plan to have in.

I don't know if you have delved through the template system of SMF, but its very clever. :) Themes can make their own version of all of template files, overriding the default ones. So if the theme requires special version of the frontpage in TinyPortal or any other page of SMF, just copy the template file over to your theme folder, and adjust it. Now, when that theme is used, it will use your version. So you can in theory build it exactly like you want. Which is partly why I made this from the beginning. ;)


wow....that's a lot to take in. lol I'm certainly not a programmer but I can hack with the best of them. ;) If I figure something out I'll post back. Otherwise I'll be waiting patiently for your updates. Looking forward to your progress. Thanks!


One last question for now. How can I get the other themes to still work properly. After installing TP my mercury theme does not display right. The forum button is gone in the top menu. When I hit the home button it shows the news and announements from TP. I'm assuming I'll have to convert the theme I want to work with TP for it to work properly.  :-[

I can see that I'm going to have to learn SMF's template system.


Yes..have a look at tinyportal.mod and find the changes that are done to somewhat the same to index.template.php of your custom themes , and it will work as intended. You will have to make 2 extra buttons called forum.gif and one called tpadmin.gif..and  some other small icons will hve to be copied to the theme.

I plan to convert my earlier themes for use in TP too.


Quote from: Bloc on February 12, 2005, 08:21:58 PM
I plan to convert my earlier themes for use in TP too.

Then your themes will outruns others which I can forecast it.