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[preview] Studio-001

Started by bloc, September 16, 2014, 10:00:44 PM

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Bloc, how does the screen adaptation work on your theme ? Will it change for portrait and landscape on something like a tablet ?

A while back I rewrote my site here :

It's not too bad, I found a tutorial template and adapted it. I'd like to learn more about making this kind of thing.


It should adapt - you could try for yourself, I just uploaded it to blocthemes demosite:

Its WIP, so I'll upload as soon as new things are changed..but for the most part its usable.

Feel free to use whatever you see..I just took in what I felt worked best, from the net, since its a lot of techniques out there already. For example..the menu at low resolutions is a typical "phone" menu, where I push the content aside to reveal the menu, all done with css and a hack involving a form element lol. Rather smart that one. Also, hidden lots of things, and made the buttons inside topics be hidden except for the first + a "downshrink" button, to reveal the others.  So, bigger hit areas and a vertical orientated layout is what I aimed for. One could go the "swipe" way too, the layout shown horisontally..but I think it means having javascript to do that. This way is only css and feels more natural(to me anyway)


Thanks Bloc. I had a look and that works really well :)

I will take some time to study things. You did a lot with just css I'm impressed 8)


I love how the menu looks on my tablet but the RSS button at the top is partially hidden. Here's images in portrait and landscape on my ASUS Memo Pad 7.


Its supposed to be hidden lol.. I might change that bit though. For desktops its a nice effect in that it comes upwards when hovering over it.

But I see that tablet landscape/portrait modes actually get a different layout due where I put the dividers(in width css-wise).

you like the menu? Its not jerky in its animation? Its only CSS, but I am not sure all tablets/phones are up for it,for example: on my sons single-core LG phone its a bit jerky but not on mine, which has a duo-core processor.


I wondered about the RSS feed button too - on the desktop I did see it pops up.

On my Asus Memopad (quad core) the menu is not silky smooth, but probably smooth enough I reckon.


I like it. Nice theme as usual from bloc.


Nice! I've thought lately about maybe using twitter bootstrap as a base for a theme for a site where members have wanted a better mobile theme, maybe I will start with this instead.

Being an owners group for a motorcycle, a mobile theme is pretty important.



Its almost done, but working on some features that allow updates to it through package manager. Meaning your own modifications may not have to be re-entered when the theme is updated, since its updated through there instead of uploading manually the files. Plus you can keep tabs on when there are updates right in your admin center. It also keep tabs on some variables that will work across all my themes, future ones that is. :)