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TPdownloads module

Started by Kike_GL, April 29, 2011, 08:43:31 PM

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I have SMF 1.1.13 and TP 1.101 with TPdownloads module problems.

Create the links in the table tp_dlmanager and supposedly save the file in the real folder tp-downloads, but then does not download or see the file in that folder. If I upload with FTP to that folder and rename the file with the TPdownloads module assigned a size 0 as it does not exist.

Another strange thing is that the FTP tab see a list of some  strange numbers file name that physically I can not find anywhere, not even referenced in the database.

Appreciate any help with this, greetings, Kike_GL
Saludos, Kike_GL


Sorry Kike_GL but I do not understand what you are asking.  I don't know what you mean be "create links".


Admin > TinyPortal > TPdownloads > Upload

Next: check "Do not upload anything, just create an empty item."

Next: Send button

Now my file is not en the combo button "filename". I choose any and Send.

Next: I edit text box "Filename" and put the name of my file and Send.

Result: 0 bytes and can't download.

PD: Sorry english is not my language
Saludos, Kike_GL


The FTP option is for files that have been uploaded with an FTP client to the tp-downloads folder. When you upload files to this folder TP will automatically read the directly and give you the option to assign the files to a download. When you create an empty download item it should show a list in the "filename" of files that are NOT assigned in the FTP page.


Yes, that's my problem !

I uploaded a file with an FTP client to tp-downloads folder, but TP doesn't reacognice the file name I whote. I know that is case sensitive. The size is all time 0.

FTP page displays files that are not in the tp-downloads folder. Where TP got the strange file names ?
Saludos, Kike_GL


So the file does not show up? When you say "it doesn't recognize", does the file not display at all?


I rewrote my previous response while you answer me, sorry
Saludos, Kike_GL


Error Log:
2: filesize() [<a href='function.filesize'>function.filesize</a>]: stat failed for /home/perutorg/public_html/tp-downloads/
File: /home/perutorg/public_html/Sources/TPdlmanager.php
Line: 2645
Saludos, Kike_GL


It looks like the rename does not work. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work at the moment. You get the error because it is looking for the wrong filename.


Problem solved. The error was a second folder called tp-downloads. Thank you for your assistance.
Saludos, Kike_GL