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Need some help i'm stuck plz

Started by Higwall, October 24, 2010, 09:00:14 AM

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I turn now to a forum smf 1.1.1 with tiny portal above which worked fine before but now I can not even see the home page it tells me all the time an error message.

Table 'db190016860.df_tp_modules' doesn't exist
Fichier: /homepages/7/d189954267/htdocs/Sources/TPortal.php
Ligne: 91

this is what I do to get it:

I install a new theme on my forum that worked very well but Tiny Portal longer appears on the new theme so I install a new portal Tiny I Dl here: http://custom.simplemachines. org / mods / index.php? mod = 97

So I save files from FTP to my PC and then upload everything on my FTP. But after I got a ca errors cited above.

So I wanted to upload the backup files, but the big problems the archive was corrupted so the sudden I'm stuck and do not really know what to do if somebody can help me it would be cool.

Thank you


Just a long shot.  Switch to the default theme, and see if this works.

Was the theme you installed modified to work with Tinyportal?  SMF 1.1.x themes need to be adapted to work with Tinyportal.


I can't switch to the default theme. I can't do anything when i click on "Home" Search" etcccc i've got the same error  :'(



Welcome to the TP Support Site.

What do you mean when you say that you "can't switch to the default theme"?  Can you get to the "Themes and Layout Settings" area of your SMF Admin area?  If so, just switch to theme #1 and see if everything is working correctly as lurkalot suggested.  Please be aware that in SMF versions prior to SMF 2.0, all SMF Mods must be installed to the SMF default theme and made to work there before you can install them to custom themes.  This is what lurkalot was asking you to do.

In the future, when asking for support, Please Read and Follow the Posting Guidelines and be sure to use the posting template at the bottom of that post.  Specifically, we need the following information in order for us to help you ...

[b]Link to your site:[/b]
[b]SMF version:[/b] SMF ver. here
[b]TP version:[/b] TP ver. here
[b]Theme name and version:[/b] Theme name here
[b]Browser Name and Version: [/b] Browser name/version here
[b]Mods installed:[/b] Mods listed here
[b]Related Error messages:[/b] Error message here

Please fill in the information requested pertaining to your site.



Yes i'm sorry  :-[

Link to your site:
SMF version: SMF 1.1.1
TP version: TP 0.97
Browser Name and Version: IE 8 & Chrome
Mods installed:
1.   Itemstats
2.   Display WOW icons -    1.0     
3.   TinyPortal    0.97     
4.   BBC Blizzard Quote Tag    1.0.2     [
5.   WoW Character Profiles
Related Error messages: Unknown column 'art.sticky' in 'field list'
Fichier: /homepages/7/d189954267/htdocs/Sources/TPortal.php
Ligne: 1434

Ok now i can go to my forum but when i'm clicking on the "Home" button i'll get an error, i'll try with the default theme "SMF Default Theme - Core" and i've got the same error :-[


Ok i've resolve my problem by uninstall et reinstall Tp.

Thk for your help :)



It looks like you figured out that you had a very old version of both SMF and TinyPortal installed on your site and that you needed to update your SMF before the latest version of TinyPortal would install.  The latest version of TinyPortal will not install on any SMF below version 1.1.11.  This is why you got the message that "the archive was corrupted".

You needed to update your Forum from SMF 1.1.1 to at least SMF 1.1.11, and It appears that you have done that.

However, it still doesn't look like TinyPortal is installed properly on your site.  For one thing, I can't see the TinyPortal copyright at the bottom of your site with either your custom theme or with the default SMF theme.  In addition to that, you have the following error showing at the bottom of your Forum BoardIndex ...

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tportal_version() in /homepages/7/d189954267/htdocs/Sources/Load.php(1733) : eval()'d code on line 327

There are a couple of things that you should be aware of.  All SMF Mods, TinyPortal included, need to be installed on your site while you have it set to the SMF default theme (theme #1).  The error above is probably because of one of several things.

1.  You installed TinyPortal while your Forum was set to your custom theme.  TinyPortal should always be installed to the default SMF core theme.  It must work in the default theme before trying to get it to work on the custom theme.

2.  You haven't yet installed the TP Language files for the default language that your forum is using.  You can check to see if this is the case by going to Admiin --> Configuration --> Server Settings ( and changing your "Default Forum Language" to English and checking to see if you still get the errors.

3.  If the custom theme that you are using was designed to work with TinyPortal 0.9.7, it's quite possible that that theme will need to be updated.  For TP 0.98, and probably for TP 0.97,  custom edits were required for themes to be able to work with TinyPortal.  This is no longer the case with the latest TinyPortal.

We can help you to solve your problems but we need to get an update on your site if you want us to help you get it set up properly.  If you want us to help, please give us an update  of your site in your next post.  Here is the information that we need ...

Link to your site:
SMF version: SMF ver. here
TP version: Current TP ver. here
Theme name and version: Theme name here
Browser Name and Version: Browser name/version here
Mods installed: Mods listed here
Related Error messages: Error message here
Default Forum Language Language here