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The Showcase Board is for our Members to Showcase their sites that use SMF and TinyPortal.

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Started by SN, November 24, 2009, 01:58:20 PM

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Site Name: SpursNetwork
Site URL: Link removed, no longer using Tinyportal ???
Site Owner: Me
Site Designer: Me
Theme Designer: Bikken (Modified by Me)
Site Genre: Football (Not American Football)

My Forum is a Football (Not American football) Fansite Forum for a Team in the UK call Tottenham Hotspur aka Spurs who are in the Premier League. Have got 1500+ member, and did have over 50,000+ posts but due to problems with a back up and changing server we lost many posts, but was able to save 10,000 of the posts thanks to the help on the SMF forum :)

Likes: My colour Scheme
Dislikes: lack of info on front page and want to make it more interested for guest to make them stay longer


Nice looking site there - yeah I agree you could do with more on the front page - I'm not sure what, but a lot of footy sites seem to try selling kit and memorabilia etc...

BTW congrats on the 9-1 win :)


Yeah, the site looks great if you ask me.  I'd say, if I was a fan, that there's enough on the FrontPage to keep me occupied.  What's important is to have stuff on the FrontPage that will make your fans want to look inside to read more.  Perhaps a current News board set to show on the Front Page for a teaser, maybe with 100 to 150 characters in each post.  Id say you've got the start of a great site there though. :up:



I have updated my website to TPb5 and SMF2.

Take alook, i would love to know what you think :)

Blue Steel

wow very nice.. a lot better than mine ..




I gotta say that I am ver impressed with your site.  It looks fantastic and I can't think of anything that would improve it though I'm sure that you will keep working on it and make it even better.  It looks even better than it did before. O0



Thanks ZP :)

Still needs some little tweaks here and there. In IE it doesn't look to great & working on a search bar within a top Block.

My aim was to go for more content this time


Ooooooo i like that ;)   In fact, i like a lot :coolsmiley:

One thing tho'.... is it me or, are you using .gif images?   It seems to me some images look weird.

-Register Today
-Vist Forums
...and logo text

Maybe is my FF.


Some gifs. i just replaces the original DZ studio source files. what images look strange to you mate?