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[Discussion] Random topic

Started by JPDeni, May 05, 2009, 04:33:13 PM

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Just remember that each time you call the loadMemberContext to grab this info, you add a query to the database. I thought it a good idea to loop through that function for an array of members once, and it added like 10 queries because I was trying to get 10 users avatars. For this code it works great, but if you wanted to get more than one user, you'd be better to combine your query into a single one just to grab the avatar info. Just my $.02 :)


Yeah that sounds wise.  I was a little worried by the overheads, but figured it would be okay for this.  For my mod I could need to pull quite a few avatars so I will give your suggestion a go.

P.S. I was trying to look up the function in the SMF functions database but for some reason it's been down since yesterday it looks like.  They're working on it.  What I may do is take a look at the details and maybe post an alternative.


I've blocked your PM's.... :P No seriously, some posts must have been removed or something as we have a limit of 5 posts here before you can PM. Anyway, one more post and you can PM me I think. I've been getting a ton of PM's lately, and I'm not getting notifications for any of them for some reason. So I most likely have missed something if you sent one. I'll send you an email shortly. You picked an odd place to post for my attention. lol



woww... thank you very much freddy888 for the code!!!  might have some more questions for you..   ;)


You are welcome :)

Probably just needs some work on the layout still so it's just the way you want it...


hello freddy888

it took me ages to come up with the formatting.  so as not to change so much in jpdeni's code, here is what i thought.

avatar image   post icon and post title
                    date and time of post
                    display name

please get rid of the word "by" before the username.  
please put a thin border around the avatar.  
a provision to resize the avatar
a provision to have a generic avatar for those without an avatar

thanks once again!  


Hi ajg, yes that looks do-able.  So basically you want the avatar over on the left-hand side like a forum post ?  And everything else on the right?  Not sure where you want the actual message to appear...maybe like this :

Avatar      |       post icon & title
               |       date and time
               |       display name
main message underneath ?

please get rid of the word "by" before the username - no problem
please put a thin border around the avatar - no problem
a provision to resize the avatar - that should be fine
a provision to have a generic avatar for those without an avatar - can do I think..

I need to go to the shops now (darn RealLife!) but it shouldn't be too long a wait.



that's exactly what i want please. thanks in advance!


Ok mate.  I went out tonight or I would have posted it already.  I am working on it, I'll drop it in tomorrow (getting late here) at some point.  Cheers :)