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Guest comment on article

Started by mikemikemike, February 23, 2009, 01:34:39 PM

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Do somebody know of it is possible that guest visitors comment on an article. Now you must login te give an comment. The most comments on a succesvol site are from visitors.

On the forum (SMF) you can set the option for guest comment on a topic of message.
Why not on the tinyportal articles?



Quote from: Zetan on February 23, 2009, 01:40:34 PM
You can I believe. They will be using SMF's CAPTCHA.


I have tp 0.9.8, how can i set  so that guest can post an comment on an article.
Is there a mod or someting else..


Hmm.. Perhaps not. I don't remember for 0.9.8, it was a while ago that I last used it.

Looking at TP 1, commenting now has CAPTCHA, but no option for guest comments. Which is weird as the Commenting is on, yet a message is displayed to guests: Commenting option has been turned off for this article. and I see little use of CAPTCHA for members who are logged in.

I'll look into it and maybe mention it in the team boards.


I know this topic is ancient, but I was searching for an answer and found several mentioning it should happen, but nothing saying it does.

Is it possible to allow guests to comment?


Nope. No options to allow guests to comment currently.


Added to bugtracker as a possible feature request for a future version of TinyPortal.  Topic marked solved. O0