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Memory limit problem

Started by Heero, October 30, 2008, 11:05:11 PM

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Hi peoplez.

Lately I'm encountering many memory limit problems and my host won't increase the size.
At least I'd have to buy a private server of them to get the cpu..

Is there any possible way to make specific pages work without increasing that limit?

It mostly happens when I'm including the SSI file of smf.

Thanks in advance.
> Heero


What is the memory limit set at?


I'm not sure, but I think it was 8.
My previous host increased it to 13-14 which was enough.


Any good host should AT LEAST allow it to be set at 16MB. You shouldn't ever need any more than that.


Well .. So I'm pretty dead for that part I guess.
Or do you know another method?

I was thinking of caching but I'm not sure if it would work ( only heard about it, never used it).
And I am not allowed to use a persistent connection :/ (would fix all if I activate).


If your host has limited you in this way maybe you should consider changing to one that is more flexible and gives you more room  to work with.
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Well everything is fine.
I gain unlimited space and transfer.
Their support is great, but its the only problem.

Isn't there a way to edit the SSI using less memory or so?

Also, thanks for the responses.


No there is no way. Memory used isn't by just one script. It is the accumulation of code that gets input when a single page is hit. For instance, when you hit the page to view a topic, it has to hit the database and pull all of that info, and put it into PHP arrays and variables etc. Essentially, all of the database info, and code is put into memory and compiled at runtime. There is no such setting that will make a script use less memory. In order to make a script use less memory you would have to change the code and what it does as a whole. If you're host won't bump up the memory limit to at least 16MB, its plain and simple that you have no choice but to change hosts.

And for the record, unlimited resources is the sign of an over-selling host. Nothing is unlimited. I can promise you, that if you started getting a HUGE site, that they would quickly force you to get a bigger plan or to move to a VPS or Dedicated server.


Well, I'm not sure if I may ask but any suggestions which host I could take?