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If you upgraded from SMF1 to SMF2 with TP.

Started by IchBin, June 24, 2011, 03:17:48 AM

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Mick - I did indeed, but I'm not 100% sure I put it in the right place. What folder does this thing ideally go into and how specifically do I execute the script?


Mike, the file goes into the root folder of your forum.  In other words, It's the folder on your server which contains all the files for SMF. ;)

Then run it from your address bar in your browser.  http:/ forum folder/tp_upgrade.php


Mick - Did that, and got a page about upgrading tables successfully. What I still don't have is a portal. Is there an "on" switch someplace here that I'm missing?

I'm getting this at the bottom of the main page now:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function tportal_version() in /home/philisti/public_html/Sources/Load.php(2151) : eval()'d code on line 449


Mike, we might need IchBin to advise us on this, but I've sent you a PM, are you able to reply to it?.


Mick -

Can't reply to your PM. I've created the account, though. Email me directly and I'll give you the login information.


OK, just to confirm, that was a theme issue, and not a upgrade script error.  Theme used was a old TP 0.9.8 theme.


tp_upgrade.php showing blank page after uploading at public_html direcotry

any solution?


What version of SMF are you using? What version of TP are you trying to use tp_upgrade.php from? Any information you provide will help us to answer you.