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Counter block

Started by evillair, March 01, 2006, 04:38:07 PM

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You could ask you host about it. Some hosts are funny about 777. Even if the just set this one and your SMF directory to 777, and leave the rest. You do have SMF/TP dont you?

alan s

yea i do.............i'll ask my host about that


alan s

got it to 777 and it still dosent work


You're doing something wrong then. What script are you using to call it to the block, and what is the URL of the counter?


you have a /logs folder also?

Read over the install text to make sure you didn't miss any steps

alan s

this is the url of the counter       this is the script of the block     
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" SRC=""><!--

and i have it set to a javascript/html block


Try removing ?page=index See if that works, then we'll see if we can do something from there.

alan s

nope dosent work..........................


I've compared you script with mine, and they match, so its not the script that is wrong. Next check to make is that all your permissions are right. These all need to be set at 777


Make sure they are all at 777. The .log file is where the count is stored. Download it and see what it says. Make sure when you put it back it still is called .log.txt and not log.txt