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TPDownloads won't show in navigation menu

Started by thegreatmike, January 22, 2012, 10:01:56 PM

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I have installed TinyPortal on my SMF, and have everything setup correctly, however, it my menu it doesn't show a place for "Downloads"... just  Home / Forums / Gallery / etc.

I'm not sure if I missed it in a settings somewhere or not.... any help? Thanks a lot.


Mike, if you could tell us which versions of smf/tp you are using  it would help us to help you more quickly.


There is no TP 2.0.2. :D, only TP 1.0 RC3 or earlier.

In SMF 2.0.2 there should be a tinyportal menu in the main menu that shows downloads as one of the options. If you want a separate downloads menu, you'll need to add one just like all other SMF menu items are added.


I dont even see that when I register as a normal user, do I have to set permissions?? If u see here (if its bad to have website in post ill delete).                    Also to be clear, ur sayin when I login I should see: Home / Forums / TinyPortal (sub) Downloads / Gallery / etc.         right?


Yes, that is correct, as long as the Download Manager is turned on at this link -->;sa=modules

As long as the module is turned on, anyone who has permission to see the downloads on your site should be able to access them at this link -->;dl

That is the link that anyone with Downloads permissions will see as a sub menu of the TinyPortal menu.



Ahh okay, I understand, thanks a lot. Very helpful.

I believe the reason i wasn't seeing it was because I had a different theme. Is there anyway of incorporating it into my current theme? Or do i have to use default theme


As long as your custom theme is designed for the version of SMF that you are using, you should have the TinyPortal menu.  If, for some reason, you don't, you could always setup a TinyPortal sitemap block in your left or right TP panel and that will also show the Downloads link, like we have here to the left.



It seems as though my theme is 2.0, and my SMF is 2.0.2 . How do i find out where my Downloads URL is? For example, is it located at " ?

And if so:

Couldn't i manually make a navigation link to that specified URL?


The links to your downloads were posted a few posts above.;dl

You can manually add any link you want to the smf main menu, including the downloads link you are asking about.