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September 22, 2023, 07:19:44 PM

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Image Slider With Links?

Started by NeoMorph, March 25, 2010, 11:46:45 AM

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Yup, tried that too... still the same problem.

It all comes down to the browser saying there is a bug in the javascript code (which is something I haven't touched). It's something to do with the transition.

The bug is on line 189 of slideitmoo-1.1_full_source.js apparently.


Need a link to your site. I'm betting you have another javascript function or file conflicting with this. I had a mootools script running that conflicted with this script and it did the same thing as yours.


Thank you for that list of sliders Xarcell.  I found those very useful and inspiring.  :)


Solved it....

TinyPortal inserted its own MooTools which was screwing up my code...

Thanks for all the help guys...

dismal shadow

Speaking of slider...will it implement as a block feature. Would be super cool to have. 



Turns out that the slider code I used works fine in IE8 Compatability mode but indents in Firefox and iE8 native mode.

Time to look for a better one lol...


Is it me or do all these sliders break the CSS of unordered lists in order to work???


Quote from: NeoMorph on April 01, 2010, 03:17:42 PM
Is it me or do all these sliders break the CSS of unordered lists in order to work???

eeeerrrr .... no?


I found the UL tags in two sliders I was trying.... removing the tag in the CSS file busted the slider it seemed.

There was this other slider I tried which looked great but the CSS code had no explanations (even though it was supposed to be a tutorial) and when I used my larger images it overlayed the next slide 26 pixels over the top of the current one even though I changed all the CSS values to try to fix it...

I'm really hating not doing Javascript now and being on pain meds is screwing with my memory so I can't learn anything new it seems.


I'm not giving up... I WILL conquer this damned slider...