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March 21, 2023, 09:28:16 PM

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Hey Bloc

Started by rider, February 20, 2005, 09:47:38 PM

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Uhm..have you checked the arcade mod for what the mod actually change in the theme files? If there is , you should be able to do the same on Helios.

But other than that I can't help much on that mod.


Ok.Should the arcade folder be inside the helious theme folder.Thanks rider


I am not sure. I would think it should just be in the forum folder, not in the Themes folder at all. But again, check the mod itself.


We got it. ;D ;D ;D.We had to edit the managepermissions.php.Thanks again for all the help.If you want the link to where I got the info let me know,maybe it will be some use to you.rider  PHP code block..
This text is an echo and this name - rider - is directly drawn from the $context variable.Just wondering what this means.Am I in trouble.LOL

Bjørn, you are not. ;)

Its simply an example of getting your user-name for instance. So you see your own name and I see "Bloc".


Whew.Being the new kid on the block and getting in trouble all ready isn't good for the image. ;D ;D.Thanks for the help.rider