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March 23, 2023, 06:28:55 PM

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Gas prices affecting the poor!

Started by parentingdiscussions, August 13, 2006, 06:19:57 PM

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I am sure that with the high price on gas, it is affecting everyone. The sad part is that it hurts the lower class more then anyone. Gas prices are way to high at this time, I can see paying $2.00 per gal, but if you think about it, and really think hard, think of people who are making minimum wage? How on earth can they afford to even live?

A couple whom I know, both of them work every day, and between the both of them they only make around 14 and hour, which isn’t bad, if you live across the street from where you work, but these poor people one works about 15 mile from home, and the other works about 20 miles from home, and if you combine the two tanks of gas that need to be filled up each week, and add them together, there really isn’t much left. Now they don’t have cable tv, can’t afford cell phones, have to buy their food from a discount store, (which isn’t a bad thing) and now they can’t even afford to pay for their kids lunches in school, kids will be taking their lunch.

No after school sports, cannot afford to pay for the fees, one of them has to quit their job because they can’t afford day care, and the list goes on. They have even thought about selling one of the cars because the insurance is too much.

Now, I really want you all to think about this really hard. For some of us, it might be easy to pay $3.00 per gal of gas, yeah because we make more money, and we can stand to pay a little more. But! Have you really stopped to think of people who don’t have the money and how these gas prices are affecting their lives? You might not think of it, and maybe don’t care, but the sad truth is that if this doesn’t chance soon, welfare is looking a lot better to more of these people, and we all know who pays for that.

alan s

I feel really sorry for those people , Gas prices dont affect me because im underage but over in ireland its âââ,¬Å¡Ã,¬1.21 Per Litre of Gas/Petrol ,Which is about 1$ i think...........then again Ireland is like the 4th or 5th most expensive Country in the world or something so.............Its happening here too and not just because of GAS prices , On the news recently it said that most couples are both working and because of the expensive cost of living they can barely afford to send children to school , pay bills etc...........and yet one of the Irish goverment leaders decided to give himself a âââ,¬Å¡Ã,¬5000 euro a year rise to himself even though he already makes around âââ,¬Å¡Ã,¬150,000 per year..........


Here in the USA, in what is considered middle class or middle income, both parents work and it's been that way for a half a century or so. It's the only way to have anything or plan for your children's future.  Out of my 42 years of marriage, I worked three fourth of the time.  I only took off long enough to give birth to my three sons and a year or two home with them.

At minimal wage, two incomes are not enough.