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FYI: Bloc is the man ^_^

Started by stigmartyr, April 19, 2006, 09:23:12 PM

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In case its not transparent to everyone, Bloc is not just my hero, he is our hero.

TP is what makes SMF all worthwhile.  SMF would just be another no name BBS without Bloc and this community.  Its important to remember that admins serve the community and not the other way around.

This community has given everything its got to support this entire project and there should be no room for haughty admins who want to lay down their RULES and not have any dialologue what so ever.


Sugar coat it anyway you like Stigmartyr. While I agree with your post abouit Bloc being the man, what you are doing here serves no purpose. Moderators are here to serve Bloc and his Portal, not you. The community benefits from the giving people at this site. Everything is done for free. Bloc is the one who AGREED to the rules that was set before him. They were posted by a Moderator with Blocs support. If you don't like it, it's as simple as not visiting this site.

I'll say it again, and hopefully this is the last time. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with Bloc.


Ahh forget it, I just walked it off.  I got miffed about the Friendly Fire, Ich.

There was no reason to make an example of my posts.  For all I care, folks can go to the 'Servers & Host' thread and find nothing of substanstial value.  That appears to be the intention.


I believe Blocs purpose in the rules was not to allow any John Doe come in here and spam and advertisement. Bloc supports TP and SMF with all his heart. In doing so, he's only allowing hosts that support what HE believes in. Anything else is obviously not falling in the category of Blocs agenda. Maybe redone was a little abrupt. But he's also a Moderator over at SMF where that is what they have to do because of the volume of posts.


#4 Ich.  Its not my company, but I am damned sure its the very best deal you can get from a Host.

I challenge anyone to find a better deal.  I wrote a review about it, and he blew it up.

I feel that if we encourage new folks wanting to get into websites to go with hosts who only use Tiny Portal its going to result in disaster.  Our company uses TP, sure.  Will you find that the Triple A hosts are using TP?  Prolly not yet, as its so new.

IMHO if we mislead folks into hosting with TP Driven Hosts only its going to result in disaster.  Wouldn't you want the very best for your website, regardless of their forums? 


I don't agreed on this. I don't think people who come here are those that primarily are looking for hosts - they are more people with established SMF driven sites, that want to expand with TP - or add themes to their theme arsenal. So they already have their "best deals" when coming here.

As IchBin says, I only setup that board to have people announce or review hosts as an added bonus to what is about. When the host do have SMF/TP it just shows that you will have no problem switching to it. IF you want to change then. Whether there are none or many sites that fall into that category, really do no concern me that much - for the same reasons as described above.


Hosts are like 4-holes then, eh?  hehehe

Hey, point taken.  I put the white glove back on, then.


Just registered, dl'ed TP after futzing with SMF for a while.
I hafeta agree w/ÂÃ,§tigmartyr- Bloc and the rest of the crew are to be commended. Outstanding.

* LeberMac goes to play with the TP fancy buttons again... oooh shiny...