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April 01, 2023, 04:45:18 AM

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Hobbies. what's yours?

Started by lurkalot, September 30, 2018, 06:02:01 PM

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I have done a lot of these. I used to ride a motorcycle all the time. It was a 1979 honda cb 650 special edition. This is the only pic I could find that was so close to what I had. 58 000 orig km on the bike. Man she was a beast:
I was into computers for a long time, still am really.(just my own) It used to be a hobby but now everyone around here is on cells or tablets there is not much call for what I do with desktops and o/s's.
I have done a bit of shooting but just with friends. I had a rifle. .22 squibman I think it was called. 15 shot clip, choke on the barrel, wood stock. It was a nice rifle.
Done a bit of mechanical work and welding, along with some contracting and concrete work.

.....I don't think I have any hobbies work but after all this time I still have no time to learn what I want to about php and all that. I love all the bike pics posted. I wish I had not sold mine. My dad was into woodworking and refinishing old furniture. We have a lot of his pieces here in the house.

Seems I'm a bit of a boring person now after reading what I just posted and what I used to do.


Quote from: bigguy on January 03, 2019, 02:02:39 AM

Seems I'm a bit of a boring person now after reading what I just posted and what I used to do.

I feel the same tbh. Now at a certain age where my muscles and joints won't let me do stuff like I used to.  Though I'd still jump on a motocross bike given the chance. 

My brother an his wife although older than me both still ride bikes, they both have Harley's, and a Honda Firestorm each, though he's just sold his one.  He does have an old BSA B31 trials bike though which gets an outing on the occasional weekend.  I'm quite envious of that one. ;)

Photography I was really into a few years back has taken a back seat, it's far to expensive to keep up now, and my gear is old. I still run the forum I put up for it back then but rarely post on it nowadays.

I do enjoy gardening though, when the weather is nice, so roll on the summer.  ;)


Added a hobby (the last thing I needed to do - bought a Mavic Pro drone)

It survived this, somehow:


@ lurkalot: Your old camera gear is probably still very useful. A lot of photographers still use the old equipment cause they say it gives a certain quality to the picture. Hold on to that stuff man. ;)

@ Vlad: I could get into flying a drone. I have a small helicopter here I used to play around with. THe range is not to good though. Lol, why would ya fly it into a tree, lol.


Drones are super fun. Thinking of getting into that hobby myself too. I flew my brother-in-law's drones over the last weekend and had a blast. Not literally though, both drones are fine. haha