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Strange connection problem

Started by agridoc, June 25, 2010, 08:46:14 PM

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In the last days I was struggling trying to connect to I tried to register and I got a connection error. Tried on next days nothing. I supposed that Lesmomd did a server change to accept the higher load. Days passed nothing. I left a message in before it's closing, no else was reporting connection problems.

I went finally to an Internet Café (different ISP provider) no connection problem. I turned back home, then did a modem reset. Connection for a little then out. Reset again connection for a little then out. Tried this many times.

I have tested from three PCs, two desktops with XP, one with Vista, one with Ethernet two with wireless connection. All run ZoneAlarm Extreme.
- No sign of virus infection
- No problems with other sites except

I contacted my ISP provider they told me about my modem, no changes were successful, then they suggested to try another modem. However

- When connecting my laptop abd Wi-FI the same happened with two other lines and two ISP providers, of the most reliable in Greece. After this happened no other PC could connect to from this line until a modem reset.

I have spent quite some time searching to find what might cause the problem, no solution yet.

I send this from an Internet Café, no connection problems from here.

Any suggestions will be welcomed. I wiil try to play with ZoneAlarm and other settings.

P.S. Please check the error log for possible errors caused from my account.
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Seem to be getting a lot of these errors...

512: loadMemberContext(): member id 863 not previously loaded by loadMemberData()?topic=1667.msg13617

Not sure what it means though!

This is what it shows up

1075:  // We can't load guests or members not loaded by loadMemberData()!
1076: if ($user == 0)
1077: return false;
1078: if (!isset($user_profile[$user]))
1079: {
==>1080: trigger_error('loadMemberContext(): member id ' . $user . ' not previously loaded by loadMemberData()', E_USER_WARNING);
1081: return false;
1082: }
1084: // Well, it's loaded now anyhow.
1085: $dataLoaded[$user] = true;
1086: $profile = $user_profile[$user];


I am connected with ZoneAlarm off. No problem, however it's not safe to surf unprotected. I have to contact CheckPoint for possible solutions.

- ZoneAlarm Extreme users will probably have similar problems.
- With tracert it seems that the is hosted in Inform me please if this is not correct. A note might be useful that ZoneAlarm has difficulties with the current settings.
- It's quite possible that other users of ZoneAlarm will have problem connecting. They will not struggle as I did, they will think the site is unavailable.
- There is a possibility that some other firewalls or antivirus software  will behave as ZoneAlarm.
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 agridoc, you may want to give a look at some other online security utility and drop the ZoneAlarm.

I had tried to get ZA to work correctly off and on for several years, but it always caused issues at some point so I finally just stopped trying with it and started using other software.

For some time now I've been using Microsoft Security Essentials and find that it protects very well, not only for firewall, but for virus protection and more.
... me sounds like a commercial!  :P
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Yeah, I don't know much about ZoneAlarm.  I think I used it before but it's been a long time ago.  The problem is obviously with the Firewall though.  I know it's a little more expensive than others but I use Norton 360 and I've never had any problems like you are describing.



I have used ZoneAlarm for years, it's a bit difficult in installation sometimes, otherwise good.

In the past (starting from the '80s) I had used McAfee and Norton, tried some others too.

There is no perfect security software, all try to get better, all can cause problems.

I contacted ZoneAlarm, they said they didn't have any problem surfing and that I should clear my old installations and reinstall an older version to clear all the settings. I doubt that it will change something, as I have tested with 3 PCs, two with XP and one laptop with Vista. However I will try with the laptop and see what happens. I can save my settings and bring them back.

Here is the recommandation

QuoteI am still checking that site and so far there are no problems, so it sounds like there is an issue with your configuration settings. Please run this program to reset the configuration setings:

After that download and install this version of ZoneAlarm:

At least I can contact you, even in a bit tricky way, resetting my modem after some clicks.
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Tried the solution proposed, no fix. Then I tried what I shoul try from the beginning. I switced SAFE BROWSING OFF. Everything seems to be OK.

Safe browsing is a feature of ZoneAlarm Extreme security and ZoneAlarm ForceField ia the standalone product, so users of other ZoneAlarm products should not have problem.

BTW I am quite satisfied with the chat support of ZoneAlarm. I was advised to run a diagnostic utility, contained in the package and send them the file for examination.

More sophisticated packages are more prone to bugging. Before renewing, I tried Kaspersky PURE a month ago, it seemed to me a bit "heavy" and I switched back to ZoneAlarm. Zonealarm uses the Kaspersky antivirus databases.
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What affects with ZoneAlarm Extreme. The site of the host has the same behavior.

Browser security -> Settings -> Advanced
Enable site status check <- Must be checked off

From ZoneAlarm Browser Security Help
QuoteEnable site status check : Checks security-related information about each site you visit. See Web Site Safety Check and Rating for more information.
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