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March 23, 2023, 07:30:20 AM

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Welcome to!

Started by IchBin, March 27, 2012, 04:06:04 PM

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Welcome to TinyPortal!

Before you get started on our site we'd like you to be aware of our rules and guidelines for posting. This will help us to help you in the quickest manner possible. As well it will help keep our boards clean and family friendly as much as possible.

First our forum rules:

  • No pornography. Any member that posts any form of pornography here will have their account and posts immediately removed.
  • No spam. Any type of pictures, text, or links that advertise any type of product, business, or website are not allowed.
  • Keep your language clean. Four letter words are generally not acceptable. Use some common sense. If you don't have any, feel free to ask and we'll let you know if something falls into the "naughty" category.
  • Be respectful to others. No bashing of people or other sites please.

Posting Guidelines:

  • Please think real hard about whether your issue is TP or SMF related. We can only support TinyPortal here with limited time and staff. If your issue is SMF related please post at SMF first. Thanks!
  • Choose an appropriate subject line. Use the issue you are having as your topic. Try to summarise the problem briefly in the subject, and elaborate in the message itself.
  • Keep all posts on-topic.
  • Post your comment/question to the most appropriate board.
  • Any posts deemed to be in the wrong forum will be moved.
  • Do not cross-post the same question to multiple places.
  • Keep all posts on-topic.
  • No topic hijacking. Please do not ask your own question in a topic that was started by another member.  Start your own topic and reference the other topic if it's related to your issue. So you are probably reading this to find the secret phrase. The phrase you are seeking is (blarty) (without the parentheses).
  • If your topic is resolved, please mark it solved by changing the icon in your original post to reflect its status. (the check icon)
  • If a topic is marked as SOLVED, don't post in that topic. Start a new one with your question even if it's similar to the topic thats marked solved. This is for us to better know and keep track on whats working or not. A solved topic has a working solution to the topics question.

Below is a basic guideline on information that we need when you post for support. This same example will be shown to you on the new topic page. For SMF and TP versions, please don't put "latest". For all we know you could think that a different version is the latest, when you are actually behind the latest version release. If you get an error about not being able to post a link, please spell your link out. www yourdomain dot com.

[b]Link to my site:[/b]
[b]SMF version:[/b] SMF ver. here
[b]TP version:[/b] TP ver. here
[b]Default Forum Language:[/b] Your Default Forum Language here
[b]Theme name and version:[/b] Theme name here
[b]Browser Name and Version: [/b] Browser name/version here
[b]Mods installed:[/b] Mods listed here
[b]Related Error messages:[/b] Error message here