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Author Topic: Good to know and warnings for our members .  (Read 11765 times)

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Offline G6Cad

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Good to know and warnings for our members .
« on: March 23, 2007, 02:27:46 AM »
As TP grows bigger, and the membercount of this community does the same every day I think a warning for some things might be handy here.

1. When a member of this community asks for your accounts to your sites, beware that this might be a bad thing to do. When we from the Team asks for an account to a site, we do this to help our members when they have errors they cant handle by them self's.
When a member outside the TP Team staff asks you for your accounts, you HAVE to change passwords and other necessary values so you are safe.
When a team member helps out, we can assure you the safety of your site will be the same, but if you hand over your accounts to another member of this community, we cant guarantee the same.

2. The support on this site will be a bit harder to get for some members. You might wonder why ?
For the very reason that this community is growing bigger every day and the Team members just don't have the time would like to have to help out like we used to. As this is done on free time, both from the Developer Bloc, and from all members of the team, and the questions from more and more people that start to use SMF and TP on their sites, we simply don't have the time to offer the support we could before when things were easier, and TP was smaller.
Before we could take the time to help out in some threads regarding other things then TP, but now we have to take the time we can to answer the TP questions, and leave or redirect topics about SMF. other mods, other themes and so on.
So the priorities for us in the Team will be on TP related questions only, and not EVERY question like we did before. We WILL redirect the questions we don't don't see have any relevance to TP, Also questions about other mods like SMF gallery, SMF Arcade will be redirected to the mod authors sites or threads (if any).

3. Topic SOLVED icons means just that, the topic starters question or issue have been solved, and we place the topic solved icon there. The little green V.
When you see a topic with that icon, DONT post in it. If you have the same issues, you have the answer in the topic, and if you have a similar issue, but the answer from the topic doesent help you, START YOUR OWN topic.
NEVER post in a TOPIC SOLVED thread.

More to come.....
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Offline hygron

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Re: Good to know and warnings for our members .
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2011, 06:25:16 PM »
I was replying to this earlier and hit the wrong button on my new fangled keyboard;  It sent me to private browsing.  Oh well.  I wanted to say this post should've been here years ago.  Ohwell.

What I wanted to add to this informative thread was.  I have had G6, Ichbin and RebelRose ion my control panel, and not only did they fix the issue created;  I never had another issue related to that problem.  The site was secure. 

A hint:  If you need a Team member, or, if you happen to allow anyone in your Admin...Change your password before hand;  So that when a tech support person finishes helping you;  you can go back to the password you are comfortable with.  Hope this helps.  Always change your password before giving it to a Team member, Or; Especially anyone else.

I trust the "Team"

So I thank the Team members here for being generous, and honorable as well.  Peace, hygron