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May 28, 2023, 02:59:12 PM

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Started by tamasir, November 28, 2009, 02:07:55 PM

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If you are asking for a Hungarian child board for support, there is a problem with that.  You seem to be the only one who has requested this, at least for awhile.  We have briefly discussed what to do about foreign language support on the Team Board, but have come to no conclusions yet.

It would be nice to have a foreign language support board for every language out there, but, unfortunately, one thing is missing ~ a Moderator for each of those boards.  I, for one, sometimes attempt to help people who post questions in their language but, for the most part, I am limited to using translation software to attempt to figure out what it is they are asking (at least for most languages), and that isn't always the best way to do it.  Ideally, a Moderator for another language board would have to be able to write and understand both their language and English and be fluent in both, and have a working knowledge of Tinyportal, so that they could answer member questions.  They must understand English as well so that if they get stuck on a question, they can ask those of us in Support who speak only English.  They must also be able to check their board for new messages on a routine basis, preferably every day, and must be willing to be around in a year from now, and not just today.

With all that being said, maybe you can understand why filling Moderator spots for foreign language support boards is so difficult.



Thanks ZarPrime

For this information....


The Admin undertake the English and Hungarian language support as well as the distribution and representation of Hungarian-language Portal. We developed this site with Topics and user groups. The Hungarian representative who follows the show its representation in the Hungarian group Moderators: tamasir and WasdMan


Allow? Thanks....


I request this new section too! :)


We are discussing this on the Team Board.  The consensus will likely be that we will not add any boards unless we have someone in place who would ...

  • Know enough about TinyPortal to provide some support in the board.
  • Be able to work with both English and their native language (fluently).
  • Be willing to take on the responsibility of being a Moderator of that board.
  • Be able to login here to check for new messages on the board at least every couple of days.
  • Be willing to do the TintPortal translations in their language.

One of the problems of the past is that we don't have every language covered.  When someone posts a topic in the Spanish board, for instance, I read it, translate it, write a reply, translate my reply, and post it.  All this is very much a pain since, though I know some Spanish, I am certainly not fluent in it.  The person who accepts the responsibility of moderating one of the language boards will need to provide some level of commitment to the task, albeit minimal.  They will also need to be quite good with English so that they can ask the Support Team for guidance with a problem posted on the board they moderate, should the need arise.  These are all considerations that the Team will need to consider before making a decision.

So, do any of you know of anyone that would be a good moderator for a Hungarian board?



We met about this and we want to have three moderators: tamasir, WasdMan, and Nitram.


Köszönöm.... ;)



OK, I will open up a discussion on this on the Team Board and see what we can come up with.  I really don't see a need for more than 1 person to be a moderator so, if there is a good reason why you guys want more than 1 moderator for this board, please enlighten me.  Obviously, I am familiar with tamasir but I am not familiar with either Nitram or WasdMan.