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TPsubs.template.php language file errors

Started by supportingactors, May 16, 2010, 08:59:05 AM

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TPsubs.template.php has three places in which it calls on $txt['..'] variables that don't exist:

at line 92 and 113, $txt['by'] should be $txt[525]
at 1674: $txt['on'] should be $txt[30]

This should fix the relevant problems some were seeing with "Undefined index..." errors in the Forum Error Log


Assuming you''re using SMF1.x.xx ? What version of TP ?

$txt['by'] comes from this line:  (line 35)
Themes/default/languages/TPShout.english.php:$txt['by'] = 'by';

$txt['on'] I think needs to be fixed.


Yes, using SMF 1.1.11, upgraded TP from .983 to 1.0b5-1 (partially manually)

I do see it in the TPShout.english.php, but I do not have the shout box loaded -- nor does it seem like that's where the language variable should be defined. It's more likely supposed to be in TPortal.English.php after line 23 "// Articles... //" -- where there's a 'tp-by' in line 27 which could be used for the ['by'] in the TPsubs template-- although "by" already seems to be a standard SMF language item.


Another one: in line 1752 $txt['in'] should probably be $txt['tp-incategory']

Is no one else getting these?


Im getting them as well ...

using SMF 1.1.11, upgraded TP from .983 to 1.0b5-1

QuoteUnable to load the 'main_above' template.


brilliant - many thx - has so far fixed(fingers crossed) the myriad of undefined index errors i was getting

been looking for this fix for ages

cheers :)


ok i am still getting errors - fewer but still 3 error pages a day


Perhaps you could start your own topic with the separate errors you are getting. Following our posting guide lines so we know what versions of everything you're using etc.

Posting Guidelines


tp 1 beta 5.1 on 1.1.11 (upgraded from 0.98 via beta4 etc - described elsewhere)
attached a screenshot of typical errors