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TP on Windows

Started by StarChip, May 08, 2006, 11:21:46 PM

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OK I fought it long enough.....As a beginner I have loaded SMF and had it running for quite some time. I have now updated it and am tring to load TP. As I am finding out there is no chmod command on windows and I cannot get the package to load properly, or now at all!

Is there some steps to manually load it on a IIS server?

Thank you for your help.


If you have smf running then tp should install just fine - A link to your site would help also I always willing to take a look for you to help install it. Let me know if you want me to take a look.. I run windows 2003 server, IIS, php5, mysql - you can see it run here


Night all going to bed, will check this post tomorrow ;)


The error when installing looks like the databases are not created. (cant find them)
It maybe due to the database not being installed in a default location. I am in a corporate environment behind the big wall. This is used for internal use only so I cant give you access from outside. (wish I could)

I will try again when I get in today.


Looks like you found your problem then -- find out where the smf database is and the right login to it -- then you should be ok -- good luck


Well I tried to create the tables from manual install and this is what is recieved:

Upshrink table created
Settings table created
Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\Forum\1139149106manual_tp_install.php on line 134

The warnings go on for many lines. Then:

Blocks table created.
some sample values were added to the blocks table
Variables table created.
Articles table created.
DL manager table created
TinyPortalÂÃ,´s table structure is now installed/updated.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?

Thank you


System consists of:

Windows XP - IIS, PHP 4, MySql


What version of tp are you using?


The latest download....I just noticed I was using PHP 4.0xx. I will upgrade it and try again.


It will work on that php version -- I think it is a data base problem

try this file -- updates the data base;dl=item101


Well it was the same file I was running....same problem.......

So I reinstall a new version of SMF, added TP and have loaded some themes. All seems to be working fine.

What is the best way to transfer the data from the previous site to the new one?

I know I will have to move all the attachment files as well.

thank you for your timely replies.


If you are running locally try stopping mysql and just renaming the databases ( switch them round) restart mysql


If you meaning moving your entire site to another ?

Backup the whole forum folder or the folder where you have all the content from SMF and TP. Download it to your local harddrive.
Do a compleate backup of your Database from php myadmin or what ever other program you are using to manage you database.
Create a new folder on the new site where you want the forum and portal and upoad all the forum and portal files to that folder.

Go to your new database and import the backup databse files so you get all the tables up again.
Then open up your forum from your browser and use the repair_settings.php that you can find on SMF forums, and you should be up and running again on your new location


I have a different problem folks. I am trying to shift the folder on the same servers. As such I have changed the settings.php and settingsbak.php, however it doesent help. Can anyone tell me what is happening!


It would be good if you could tell us what error you're getting?


No errors dear. Just shows the root directory. Check this link


Where's your index.php file?


oops fixed that but still all the preinstalled themes are giving me a real hectic time although i have changed the path to the themes directory!


Try running the repair_setting.php file from SMF.


Have you tied the (reset all themes)?? and sorry I am late on this post -been rebuilding my own server :P