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Spacing or padding around article blocks

Started by Dianna, February 28, 2009, 10:19:08 PM

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Okay, I will definitely go do that then to get beta 3 running. 

Just in case, I wanted to list the files that were REMAINING after the tp v1.0 beta 1 install and they weren't mentioned in the manual install instructions. They were left over.  I've  listed them below and if I did anything with them for lack of knowing what to do. I want to be sure so I don't already have something messed up before doing the beta 3 manual install.

changelog_TP.txt (I put in the forum root)
FCKEditor (I put in the forum root)
manual_tp_install.php (I put in the forum root)
package-info.xml (I put in the forum root)
readme.txt (I put in the forum root)
wysiwig (I put it in the forum root)


None of those files are needed for the upgrade.


Oh good!  Thank you so much!! I'll start the manual install now. 

Do I have all those leftovers in the right place, i.e the root folder?   

Should I be doing anything with those tinyportalx-x.mod files? 


You don't need those files on the server.

The tinyportalx-x.mod  are xml files with instructions for changes that need made based on the previous version installed.


Hi all, I just did the manual install for beta 3 as instructed because of all the bugs in beta 1. But now, I'm getting the OLD bug issue of my iframes having scrolling frames now just like it did previously when I had beta3 after a fresh install.  My site looked perfect in Beta 1 and now Beta3 has put me back to that old issue.  I'm super frustrated now. :( 

And now my site won't stay open in my browser on my mac, after it pulls up the index.php page, the browser crashes.  Should I have upgraded beta 3 from a beta1 when my beta1 was working fine???? 

When I did the manual install, I copied the root folders as instructed. Are there beta1 files that I should be removing???  I didn't remove anything from beta1 on the server, I just copied over. 

I noticed FCKeditor and whysiwig was not in the beta3 install, should I be removing those from the root directory.

Those are my own guesses on what I've done that could now be causing it to crash my browser.  On my PC the browser seems to be keeping the site up. My mac is where I do all my work of course.

Should I start fresh and get it back to beta1?  I'd like to have beta 3 for its' functionality and for you guys to look at the article spacing issue I had, but I don't want to troubleshoot when it was perfect before. Sigh. :( 

So I'm running SMF 1.1.8 and TP 1.0beta3 and my url is:

I just want to get this thing solid so I can get going on adding mods and building this site. I've been doing installs and fresh installs for days. Sigh.


I was just on your site and it runs fine for me in FF3 and IE7. I do see a scroll bar at the bottom that makes no sense, but other than that I see no issues.

Are you doing something to change the width of the forums?

Do you have these issues/problems with the default theme? If not then the issue is the theme and not the TP version.

Let us know.


It looks pretty good to me as well.  The 2 horizontal scroll bars under the 2 blocks on the right can probably be fixed by making the right panel a little wider.

As for that scroll bar at the bottom, can you go into themes and settings and check the following ...
Allow members to select their own themes.
Allow members to select the "Default" theme.

This will allow us to see what it looks like in the default theme.

Who made this theme for you or what theme was it based on?



Okay, I'll go do that. From how it was acting when I had beta after the fresh install, it was the same problem in all themes.  I had previously discovered that nothing I did could take the scroll out of the iframes, but when I chose the NO FRAME/TITLE option then the scroll removed. But I wanted the frames with no titles for aesthetics.  So it was like there was some bug that was confusing the TP frames around blocks for frames in iframes.  I did the complete fresh install back to beta1 just to get AWAY from that problem and it fixed the problem.

Also, my articles also have a scroll.  Every iframe has a scroll except for my right panel and that's because I'm not using the TP frame for the left panel. Check it out, it's weird and FRUSTRATING. 

Also, can you guys look at the folders below that were from Beta1 install that wasn't included in beta3 and is still on my servers.  I didn't remove them. Should I be? I just did a file by file comparison and made a list. 

root directory:
I have FCKeditor and Wysiwig from beta1

.htaccess file from beta1 is still there

.htaccess file from beta1 is still there

I had the advanced TP Shout folder and .xml so I just removed it, I may have removed it before you guys looked at the site, I'm going to try to open the site again on my mac right now.

And I have some TPtestmodule folder with a bunch of files in it and plus it's .xml file, haven't removed it yet

I had a themeshop_plug.xml and tpdlmanager_plug.xml from beta1

Those are the only differences that I can see from my manual install.  :'(


I tried to open the site after having removed the advanced shoutbox from the servers and it's still crashing my firefox on my mac. I'll go now here on my PC and add the other theme options so you guys can look.  I'm dead in the water if I can't open my site on my mac.  :'(

I'll have to go back to beta1 but I know it's not very supported and I should/need to have beta3.


Okay, I just checked the option to let users select what theme they want.  You'll see that I'm still getting the scroll on all of my iframes. 

I can remove a frame/title option from of the blocks and show how then the scroll problem goes away. The only glitch in this theory is that the articles have scrolls and I'm not using the block frame on those or on my footer.