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TinyPortal v0.8.6

Started by Lesmond, February 05, 2006, 02:35:48 PM

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TinyPortal has now reached version 0.8.6 and is ready to be tried out by all interested. There have been many changes since v0.7.5, and its highly recommended that you backup your existing TP tables. Also if you modified any TP files , you will probably want to save those first.

That said, TP is now made even easier to install/upgrade and will work on all versions of SMF from 1.0.5 to 1.1RC2. Also earlier versions of TinyPortal will be updated - except for v0.6 and lower. TP has changed a lot since then, so it will only update from 0.6.5 and higher.

- simply use the package manager and upload the TP package through there. A short message on top will show what is being done. When that is finished, the mod is installed.
- use the same package in package manager. Again any actions done by TP is displayed.

Problems with install/upgrade?
- if you get any "failure" on a fresh install, check that the files TP is trying to modify haven't been changed by other mods. In that case, try to upload the original SMF files. Also - even by doing this, the TP data tables will still be intact. TP will find these again upon install, as well as on the upgrade.
- can't use the package manager? For you there exists a "files-only" zip, which you can upload to your SMF installation. Next you need to install the database tables for TP - that is done by uploading the "database-only" file and running it. Last you need to modify the files in SMF that TP modifies usually. There is an file attached that lines out what needs to be done in that case.
- for those upgrading from previous manual install, you need to run the database-only file first, then upload the TP files, and finally check what modifications are new - some are also redundant.

New features for 0.8.6:
-  New module called "Download manager". In this module you can let your visitors download files, upload and allow certain membergroups to manage it. There are settings to allow only certain filetypes, filesize and whether a approval routine will be in effect.
-  Enhanced several block-types. Userblock has had a facelift, the theme-block will show thumbnails taken from the themes, and statsblock will show online users together with normal statistics.
-  All blocks can be "folded up" by members and will remember it across sessions and machines. its not cookie-based. Also, the admin can decide if individual blocks can "fold up" or not.
-  Articles have more display options. You can turn off the bars, author, "the user top" , navigation tree etc.
-  TPadmin section has been moved into regular SMF admin sections, and permissions for each of the main sections have been added. nay group can be assigned the ability to manage a part of TP.
-  lots of smaller bugfixes and enhancements.

TinyPortal v0.8.6
TinyPortal v.0.8.6 - files only
TinyPortal v.0.8.6 - manual install (database only)

TP languages:
TP themes:;dl=cat76;dl=cat7

[attachment deleted by admin]



Thanks, Bloc.

I'm up and running with no problems and Black 22 for TP RC2 at

Looking forward to this.


Very great news   :coolsmiley:



Yay ! Thanks a million bloc!! :)


Woohoo!!!  Just saw the email come through!  I will definitely be playing with this for the next week... or two or three lol.

Hope all of this is worth the wait Bloc... I am sure it is, and will let ya know!

Thanks for the release!

- Jeff


Nice  ;D

Installed errors, on RC2 with SMFArcade B21...



thx a lot.
Where do I put the language files if I install them manually


Thanks for the update Bloc! Upgrade went like a charm, working perfectly with the Amber theme! :D Will look into the Dutch languagefiles, as it seems there are some strings missing.


Thank you very much Bloc and all the team !!

I will make the french translation soon  8)

Wonderfull...  O0