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Started by Lesmond, March 20, 2005, 11:33:48 PM

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I changed my post! I am running the last beta on my test site. What kind of things are we looking at testing? I have already used some mod's without issue.


I think the first thing that need to test with fresh installed smf is how well TP v0.5 can uninstall it safely.


Quote from: NightOwl on March 25, 2005, 09:31:34 PM
I think the first thing that need to test with fresh installed smf is how well TP v0.5 can uninstall it safely.

Well,  I can pretty much confirm that TP0.5b does NOT uninstall correctly, even with a fresh SMF installation. I just tried to take it off someone's site who has decided to go with Mambo... and it actually required a reload of the SFM datafiles to get TinyPortal uninstalled cortrectly...  (and without the correct uninstall, it gave all sorts of errors)


This is what i need to get working properly ASAP...

One thing, what was the version of SMF on that installation?

What mostly is the main reasons, or problems when a faulty un-install happens,are:
- Template files still looking for missing TP source files, or modified SMF files. Possible solution: Making the template test for presence of those. in case of negative alarm the admin user with a message, but not wrecking the forum.

- Datatables are un-installed, but not the files. Possible solution: same as above.
- Template is missing, source files still present....This one is trickier, since TP can run without a tp adjusted template.The forum works per se, but show the frontpage instead of the forum index.


I just installed/un-installed TinyPortal v.0.5 with no problems. Although, when the uninstall was complete, SMF gave the error message " You do not have permission to access the requested files" Yet, TP did uninstall.

This was a totally clean, new installation of SMF v1.0.2

Tiny portal was the only mod, and no themes were added.

Will try again with some themes added and selected.


I had the exact same results as BOB. Everything uninstalled fine, only the permission error. But it still uninstalled fine.