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Wow I love TP... but...

Started by maclane, April 18, 2007, 09:48:26 AM

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I really love TP. I uses phpp before, but this really shines baby! When I find the time very soon, I also intend to translate the php files to danish... I promise!!

Since IÃ,´m still pretty new at this, I have forllowing problems/questions:

1. When I change my settings in the TP admin, nothing seems to change except the articele stuff. F.ex. I try to make the layout changes to B instead of A, and nothing happens. f.ex. when I activate blocks, nothing happens?

2. How do I rename "my community" on top?

3. The "forum" link doensnÃ,´t appear in portal and opposite?

Thanks in advance


I dont know ans 1 but for 2 go to Admin =>server settings => Forum title.
For 3 Did you manually customized the theme?


Hmm... NO.. I just installed it as showed in "how to setup"


No I meant Did you used that Manual installation of TP one?


Okay.... just beneith the left block, it says block turned off... how do I turn it "on"?


Go to TP admin ... go to Block settings and find which Block is turned of.




hahaha.... its like I need to turn them on in some master place?


beside each block there are a on and off button.