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I Added A Block To An Article, But It's Not Showing!

Started by Ken., October 20, 2015, 09:32:40 PM

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 Make sure of, check, all of the settings for your block:

First, did you select 'Status On' and then save your block?

Next; in the lower part of your block options page you will see a section for, "Choose where the block should appear."
Did you check the Article where you wish to have the block display?

And then is the Panel that you wish to use turned on?
Go to TinyPortal>Panels and Blocks>Panels>pick the panel you wish to use>... check to see that the panel, "Use(your choice) panel?", is set to 'On'.

If you are still having problems with your block appearing for your article please post your issue in the TinyPortal Support forums.
Please follow our Posting Guidelines so that we may be able to better help you.

Doc Written 10/20/2015 By: Ken.