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How Do I Remove TinyPortal Once Installed?

Started by Xarcell, April 24, 2008, 04:41:24 PM

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How to remove TP when installed.

1. If you have installed TP through the Packagemanager, simply remove the install from there when you dont want TP installed anymore.
If you encounter one or more error messages on the screen when you click the uninstall link, please make a note of what file/s that gave error/s, and then look at the Documentation forum and Modification. Click on the modification link that fit your SMF version and look at the code TP adds and where for the files you noted the uninstall gave you an error from.
Then change the code back to the default code from the modification description.

2. If you did the TP install manually from the start, you dont have the mod listed in the package manager. If so, you need to manually go in and remove all the TP code from the AMF files (only required if you have other mods installed to that you want to keep as is). Read the modistruction for the version of SMF you have.
If you dont have any other mods, or just want to remove them all, simply download the SMF package for the same version you have installed, and replace your old files (listed below) with new ones from the SMF package. Make sure to always keep a backup of the old file/s if you encounter any problems with the new files.

3. Then from PhPmyadmin or Cpanel, go to the database you use for the setup and find the TP tables in there. Mark the tables and click remove from database, do this step ONLYif you want to compleatly remove TP from your forum and if you never want to use it again. If you just want to upgrade, you skip this step and leave it as is.

4. All TP files (they always have the TP name to them) in the /themes/Default/ and in the /Sources folder, /themes/Default/images/ can be removed ( OBS! ONLY if you dont want to use TP anymore, if it's just an upgrade, leave them as is)

The files TinyPortal will change when installed

SMF 1.1

boarddir/index.php, SSI.php   

Sourcedir/Load.php, Profile.php, Security.php, Errors.php, ManagePermissions.php, Subs.php   
Themes/default/index.template.php, Help.template.php, style.css

SMF 1.1rc3

boarddir/index.php, SSI.php

themes/Default/index.template.php, Help.template.php, style.css

sourcedir/Load.php, Subs.php, ManagePermissions.php, Security.php, Errors.php, Profile.php


SMF 1.0.8/1.0.9

boarddir/index.php, SSI.php

themedir/index.template.php, style.css

sourcedir/Load.php, Subs.php, ManagePermissions.php, Security.php, Errors.php, Profile.php

Doc Written By: G6