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Started by Xarcell, April 24, 2008, 04:34:49 PM

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Articles are extra pages you can display just like any other part of your forum. They can be of several types, and have quite a few options for you to play with for that total customisation. To make it easier to navigate through them, you can also assign them to a category. By calling the category directly, you will then see a listing of articles for easy browsing.

In the admin screen for articles you will see a listing of all, sorted by category. Those without any category are shown at the bottom and by pressing each name you enter the editing screen, but already on the listing you can do several things:

  - Set as featured. This setting will effectively set the article on top of all others when you browse the frontpage. Each article have an option to be shown on the frontpage as well as in its category - and the featured article will always come on top there.

  - delete / edit / on or off are of course what they say: delete the article, go into edit screen and turn the article on or off.

  - in each category header you will have a edit link to modify the actual category.

Articles will be sorted on date, its therefore easy to manipulate the order by simply changing its date.

Doc Written By: Bloc