News: 24 November 2018 - TP Docs is now updated to (soon to be released) Version 1.6.1...!

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November 30, 2018

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October 15, 2018

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July 9, 2018

What's new in TP 1.5.1

  • Fix Subject lines not showing correctly with a " in them.
  • Fix Permission to view articles being restricted and the incorrect error showing.
  • Updated SCEditor to latest version.
  • Fix to Numeric Error Bugs with PHP 7.1
  • Fix for third article being set as Featured on an install.

Added Features:
  • Basic support added for SMF 2.1 Beta.
  • Option to remove copyright with a key.
May 7, 2018

What's new in TP 1.5.0

  • Fix to show copyright correctly and not rewrite when Simple Machines TinyPortal © 2005-2018 is put in a post.
  • Bug fix for posts and articles on front page where variable wasn't cleared before use.
  • Fix for embedding youtube videos in responsive mode

New features:
  • Drag and Drop added for Images, enabled via a Setting
  • Float Left and Float Right for images or text to restore functionality lost from old wysiwyg
February 28, 2018

What’s new in TP 1.4.1

Fixes the issues found whilst using TP1.4R
  • Inserting images from quicklist does not work in new editor
  • Avatar by URL not working in Article Comments
  • Avatars In recent topics block are stretched to 'square'
  • Added max width / height to images in quicklist
February 8, 2018

* (Important)  As mentioned in the changelog, we have a new wysiwyg editor installed for the article system.  If you use this editor on your existing articles and save, or just simply resave one of your articles it could have undesired effects.  The editor complies to new standards, so your articles might not look the same.  It would be wise to turn of the editor when making changes to existing articles.  New articles shouldn't be a problem using the new editor.

* (Important)  The option to turn of the final check for images: Checks all content on the page inside img tags and if they’re http and the proxy is enabled it rewrites to https. That’s outside of the portal as well as inside it, it could have side effects with other mods so it’s configurable, via Tinyportal > Settings.

What's new in TP 1.4R
  • Fixed promoted Posts + Articles being displayed on front page.
  • Added image proxy logic for Avatars and Articles.
  • Stopped visible refresh of Shoutbox.
  • Added new ctrl/cmd + enter option for Shoutbox.
  • Added The option to turn of the final check for images. * (Important: Read notes above).
  • Corrected http/https Avatars showing when adding avatar by url.
  • Switched wysiwyg editor to SCEditor. * (Important: Read notes above).
  • Added RSS Feed Limit to RSS Block
  • Responsive layout. Portal now responsive, as long as you're using a responsive theme.
  • Switched recent posts to use SSI function rather than tp version.
  • Altered css for Avatar so height and width is set.
  • Removed wysiwyg editor option for html & javascript blocks.
  • Many more bug fixes.

June 24, 2017

What's new in TP 1.3
  • Compatibility for SMF 2.0.14
  • Fix Depreciated code errors when running PHP 7 - 7.1
  • More bug fixes
December 2, 2015

What's new in TP 1.2

  • Many bug fixes
  • Fix Latest comments link
  • Fix Delete comments button for guests
  • Restore redirect when editing articles
  • Remove broken CAPTCHA
  • Remove permissions for guests
  • Fix minor issues with installer
  • Move css to css folder
  • Update the css for shoutbox and article comments
  • Align long items in menu block
  • Minor changes to category header when looking at article listing
  • Fix error related to layout
  • PNG images uploaded may have a transparent background now
  • Add avatar to user block
  • Add top posters block code
  • Fix Do not use SMF templates error
  • fixes for the recent topics block, update to be similar to SSI.

Code Developed 11/25/2015 By: lurkalot & Illori
... with input and guidance from Bloc & IchBin™
September 10, 2015

After a very long break the TinyPortal Team is pleased to announce the released of TinyPortal 1.1.

What's new in TP 1.1

General Updates:
  • General code clean-up.
  • Removed SMF1.x support.
  • Removed Tagging system, as it never really worked out.
  • Added read more link for forum posts as articles on front page.
  • Changed error logging when guests try to hit non-existing articles.
  • Added guest permission for comments
  • Updated social icons for sharing article
  • A little bit of caching added. Should reduce some queries.
  • Using more hooks for less file edits to install.
  • Moved the promote button to integrate_display_buttons hook, instead of being in its own space/layer.
  • Fixed errors with "forum_name" and "subtabs".
  • Several cosmetic changes overall, less use of TP styles and more of common SMF styles.

Shoutbox updates:
  • Added ajax to shout/delete without page refresh.
  • Added timer to ajax update shouts for time specified.
  • The option to submit the shout by pressing enter.
  • Option to choose between 2 layouts.
  • Added option to allow/disallow links in shoutbox.
  • Shout smiley's should now pull from SMF smiley's.
  • Added "bubble" style to shouts, pure CSS-based.
  • Fixed long-time error with guest shouts.
  • Added option to set a shout-header, using HTML/BBC tags.
  • Single-shout block-code upgraded with newer code.
  • Add browser specific CSS to handle word-wrapping in shouts.

Code Changes Developed 11/25/2015 By: Bloc, IchBin™, lurkalot & Illori
September 22, 2010

The TinyPortal team is pleased to announce the release of TinyPortal 1.0

Most notable fixes:
  • Fixed block display permissions. Blocks were showing for guests when ungrouped members were selected.
    Admin permissions were not respected in all instances either.
  • Many display issues with foreign characters in articles and blocks fixed.
  • Updated TP sources for SMF2 to use $smcFunc.
  • Fixed front page display issues with Article/Topic ordering issues.
  • Pagination not counting items properly for select front page options.
  • Added default values when creating categories to keep from causing display issues and errors.
  • Layout type for links display fixed.
  • Updated the whizzywig editor
  • Added shoutbox display names to be member group color
  • Downloads descriptions display BBC or HTML properly.
  • Deleting an empty download item no longer deletes a file from FTP when no item is meant to be selected in drop down.
  • Allowed < center > tag for block titles.
  • Many other minor errors, not worth mentioning.

- Added navigation to almost all tpadmin functions.
- fixed some inconsistencies in TPadmin layout.
- Theme block didn't redirect to where it was. fixed.
- fixed issue where panels did not show on certain actions, when set to show on all forum actions.(collapsing boards, posting, search results etc.)
- Fixed entity problems with block titles and edit block screen.
- Added text entry for viewing the forum in Whos Online section.
- Add menu textbox did not show in IE8 because of missing tags. Fixed.
- Menu items was removed from Sitemap block if menu block was off. Fixed.
- Wrong links for adding HTML/BBC articles inside the "tinyportal" menu.
- forum button didn't highlight when in board/topic. Fixed.
- Fixed errors in the TP section of member profile.
- dates on article titles for frontpage did not use language choice.Fixed.
- Frontblocks meant for guests was also shown for members. Fixed.
- Shoutbox admin was encoding entities upon save, but not decoding when fetched.
- More fixes for bugs discovered in beta5.
- Some changes on default styles in TP.

Code Changes Developed 11/25/2015 By: Bloc & IchBin™
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