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'Modules' are additional features added to the Tiny Portal mod to further enhance your portal.

There are three modules included with TinyPortal, the Downloads module, the ShoutBox and TPListimage:
  • TPdownload: Is a Downloads Manager that allows uploads and downloads of various file types. The downloads manager is by default switched OFF when installing TinyPortal. If you do want to use the download manager, go the the TPdownload settings section and set Show Downloads to ON.

  • TPShout: Allow you to create multiple shoutboxes and gives you a live chat in a TP block. When installing TP for the first time one Shoutbox block is activated in a left panel block, visible to all visitors. Change the block settings and permissions if you do not want to use the shoutbox.

  • TPListimages: Is a tool that allows administrators to view and delete images that Article Authors have uploaded to their "Images Quick-list" for use in their Articles.
Admins can access the three modules from the TinyPortal admin page.

Note: Originally Tinyportal was developed to allow the addition of extra blocks of functionality with provisions to add external modules to the TP system. This feature is no longer available.

Doc Written By: Xarcell
Doc Updated 11/16/2015 By: Ken
Last updated 08-Jan-2022 by @rjen.

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