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Panels are sections that hold all of your blocks (to learn more about blocks, please read this What Are Blocks?). The panels are predefined area's on the page. They can be switched on or off individually so that you can customize your pages as you like. Each panel has Panel settings that allow a certain amount of flexibility where and how the panels are displayed and how the content is organized.

You can access the panel settings in TinyPortal using "TinyPortal > Panels and Blocks". Then in the TP Admin menu choose the option "Panels".

There are 7 Panel Types:
  • Left panel:

  • Right panel:

  • Top panel:

  • Upper panel:

  • Lower panel:

  • Bottom panel:

  • Front panel:

    This is where everything is listed on the front page. To learn more about frontpage, please read "What is a Frontpage?"
To learn more about the options to configure your panels, please read: "Panel Settings?".

Doc Written 12/19/2015 By: Ken
Last updated 10-Jan-2022 by @rjen

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