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Author Topic: Should past TP versions be available as downloads? (v0.9.8 to v1.0beta4)  (Read 9183 times)

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Offline pvcblue

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Voted no on the question.
The reaason is

1. Several versions have been released since then
2. As said by Zarprime, in order to support it now, we have to have it installed to be able to test things as the newer versions kind of made atleast me to forget a lot about how TP 098 worked.
3. Most support questions about TP 098 we see now are about block code and snippets, they also change a lot since tp v098, so if we have TP 098 for download, we also need to keep track of old block code and snippets and IMHO they are many outdated and impossible to keep track of since many of them arent even made by any of us here, but users that have changed or moved a way from TP.
4. To much work for a small team as we actually are in compare to the bigger software forums out there, even if they are bigger and have a huge staff, they still remove old versions for the new ones.
Simply put, we have no time and not a bigg enough staff to help the ones that download and install them to their forums.
5. new people that install and use SMF and then come here for a portal will have a hard time with what version they can download and install, we all know there arent many members that actually read what we say or search the forum, so they will download any thing and then break their forums, get upset because we have outdated versions for download etc etc.

So, no, as Zarprime say, lets see the future instead of being stuck in the past.

I agree with G6  ;)

"Smurfs, Smurfs, and More Smurfs!"

Offline lurkalot

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I think I've changed my mind a bit on this. I don't mind giving them access to older downloads, as long as it is clear that there is no support given for anything in the archived section.

Exactly, this is what I've said from the beginning.  O0
Mick aka lurkalot.  Running TP1.0 and TP1.2

Offline Zetan

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I voted No for support reasons. It's obsolete software. Microsoft no longer sells Windows 98 and if you happen to have a copy, you're on your own as it's no longer supported.

Offline Lord Anubis

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I voted yes for a one main reason, some people might like having the lesser features of TP 0.9.8

Offline Renegd98

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Voted No... again like other support reasons.

Offline lurkalot

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Voted No... again like other support reasons.

We are not asking fo support, just a few KB's of space in the download section.  ;)
Mick aka lurkalot.  Running TP1.0 and TP1.2


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Voted NO as well, mainly for support reasons + i feel it's time to move on. In fact, i'm planning on removing my TP 0.9 themes very soon.


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I voted

tis good that we had them when they were needed but now with the newer ones we should concentrate on them. They are more secure and some may take a bit of learning but nothing hard---hey if I can do it so can someone younger with more comp  :angel:

thanks for the mods and tech support, that to me is the best thing for any product free or when you have trouble and not being made to feel like a both or dunce for asking for help too.


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I changed my vote to "Yes". Others have mentioned that Windows doesn't have available all the past versions and that's true, although they do still support XP, Vista and 7, and possibly earlier versions. However, SMF has all of the previous versions available, starting with 1.0 RC1. As far as I know, they only support SMF 1.11 and SMF 2.0 RC3, but you can download any version that has been released to the public.