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16 Feb 2014 - Ready for TP 1.1 yet?

Here's a short list of small changes I've made to TinyPortal in the upcoming 1.1 release. You are free to download the updates from github. However, just know that you should not run this software on a live production site, unless you really know what ...

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You know I have mention many times that I have yet to find anything quite like SMF and I love it, but like some others I feel boxed in and I have got to get out a do other stuff, NOW there are allot of great coders/people (php) and such here and there and I'm feeling that things are holding some bac...

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25 Aug 2012 - TinyPortal theme?

I spoke with Brad,

And He asked me to ask the Team and Member what they'd think about a new fresh look for This TP site?

I have a screen attached and link to an idea...It's a customize Bloc theme as you all know I love work with.
The colors and stuff can be changed, but I...

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14 Jun 2012 - Great News!

Good News, Bloc is back with a brand new SMF theme! and I like it allot. Already tested it and so far working fine on my test site with TP and SMF. ...It a dual theme and both are very nice neat and pro like! All I can say Welcome Back Bloc and thanks 4 getting back at it my friend!! Artist, Got...

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Sorry about the loss of posts, and possibly maybe you don't have an account here if you registered on or after the 22nd. :( We had to restore the database because of some problems. Should be good to go now though.
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